Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Letter To Employees Microsoft Fires 10000 Employees

Microsoft Layoffs Satya Nadella Letter: The beginning of the year 2023 has been very bad for many big tech companies of the country and the world. Due to the fear of the upcoming Global Recession in the world, tech companies have started laying off their employees. Google (Google) and Facebook (Facebook) company have thrown out thousands of their employees and now Microsoft has also joined this list. Know what Indian-origin CEO Satya Nadella has told his employees in Microsoft…

CEO Satya Nadella wrote a letter

Microsoft Layoff, one of the world’s largest tech companies, has shown the way out to its 10,000 employees this year. The company’s Indian-origin CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed this by writing a letter to its employees in this matter. Nadella said in a blogpost written for employees that this is being done keeping in mind the economic condition of the company and the changing preferences of consumers. He said that the company is taking steps focused on long-term goals.

Recession has come in many countries

Satya Nadella said in his letter that we are going through a period of great change, and as I am meeting customers and partners, some things have become clear. The first is that customers had sharply increased their spending on digital content during the pandemic, but now they are changing this and want to do more with less. We are also seeing that companies from different sectors around the world are taking steps very carefully. This is because recession has come in many countries and it is expected to come in many other countries.

These are the three important decisions

First we will match our cost structure with revenue. If we are reducing jobs in some departments, recruitment will also be done in important strategic departments. We know this is a challenging time for everyone who will be affected by this. This process will be completed in a very thoughtful and transparent manner.

Reduced investment in some areas

The same second decision is that we will continue to invest in strategically important areas. It means that by reducing investment in some areas, we can invest in both capital and talent in those areas in view of long term. These are the difficult steps we have taken as a company over the last 40 years to remain relevant in this industry. We’re looking at $1.2 billion in savings through salary reductions, hardware portfolio changes and reduced leased space.

Eligible employees will get many benefits

CEO Satya Nadella said in his third decision that the employees who will be affected by this retrenchment, we will support them with full commitment in this time of change. Many types of benefits will be given to the employees eligible for US-Benefit. In this, severance pay (amount received on separation from the company) in excess of the market base, healthcare coverage for 6 months, stock award for 6 months, career transition service and notice will be given 60 days before leaving. Employees outside the US will be given benefits under the employee laws of the country where they reside.

finally said thank you

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who have supported Microsoft so far. I thank each of you for the passion you have worked for Microsoft, its customers and partners.

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