maharashtra latest news cold weather hike in prices of one crore eggs

Increase in the price of eggs: It got colder in the north and the state was also filled with hoodoos. But, due to this snowfall in the north, the food in some people’s plate has become expensive. Why are we talking like this now? So there is a reason for this.. Increased price of eggs.. (Egg Price Hike) There has been a big increase in the price of eggs. 80 rupees will be charged for one dozen eggs. Because, an egg crisis has arisen in Maharashtra. There is a shortage of one crore eggs in the state. That’s why there is a big increase in the price of eggs. However, this month’s budget has fallen on a household that includes eggs in their daily diet.

Today there is a shortage of about one crore eggs in Maharashtra. And to meet this shortage, eggs are being imported from Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. This is not the first time that there has been a shortage of eggs in the state. Therefore the Animal Husbandry Department has sent a proposal to the State Government to implement various schemes in each district. The Animal Husbandry Commissioner has demanded that 50 white leghorn chickens along with one thousand cages should be made available at a concessional rate of Rs 21 thousand.

In the last eight days, the prices of eggs have increased significantly in the state. The common man is already being hit by inflation and the increased prices of eggs are putting more pressure on the pocket. Last month, eggs were sold at Rs 50 to 60 a dozen, but now they are getting Rs 80 to 90 per dozen. So now the government has accepted the proposal sent by the Animal Husbandry Department? At the same time, how useful is the new experiment to increase egg production? This also has to be seen.

Traders are also affected by the price hike

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The increase in the price of eggs affects not only the consumers but also many businesses. Like cake shop, bakery business, hotel business will be affected by the price hike. Eggs are used in large quantities in this business. 90% of the society is affected by the increase in the price of eggs. Although the poultry business is booming due to the increase in egg prices, it is affecting other businesses. That’s why common people are also demanding to control the rising cost of eggs.

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