Maghi Ganesh Jayanti 2024 These are Lord Ganesha's favorite food Ganpati naivedya dishes in Marathi

Maghi Ganesh Jayanti: The festival of Maghi Ganesh Jayanti will be celebrated on 13th February and it is being said that Ganesh Jayanti will be celebrated with sweets. We all know how much Ganpati Bappa loves sweets. Lord Ganesha loves modak, but there are other food items which Bappa likes a lot. To please Bappa, you can also prepare these food items on Maghi Ganesh Jayanti and offer Prasad to Bappa. Let's take a look at these ingredients.


After Modak, Lord Ganesha's favorite dish is Laddu. According to mythology, Lord Ganesha was very fond of laddus. In every photo of Lord Ganesha, there are laddus as prasad. Motichur's Laddu Bappa and his vehicle are also dear to Mokshraj. You can offer a ladle made of pure ghee to the Lord.


Shrikhand is an important ingredient in Ganesh puja. Bappa also likes Shrikhand Prasad very much. It is made by mixing curd, sugar and different types of dry fruits.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli made of gram dal and jaggery is the favorite offering of Lord Ganesha. You can make this Prasad at home and offer it to Bappa, this will definitely please Lord Ganesha.

Narli Bhatt

Ganesha also loves coconut rice and coconut rice should be offered to him during his worship on the third day. This bhog is prepared by cooking rice in coconut milk. If you want, you can also add jaggery or sugar to it.


On the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti, you can offer banana to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha loves bananas and according to Bengali tradition he is married to the banana tree Kola Bo. This is why Ganesh puja is incomplete without banana or banana leaves.


You can also offer Shira Naivedya to Bappa in sweet dishes. You can mash the banana to make special veins. This vein will be formed exactly like the one formed in the worship of Satyanarayan, which Bappa likes very much.


If it is winter season then you can also show carrot halwa to Bappa. Halwa is the favorite dish of Lord Ganesha.


Kheer is Bappa's favorite dish. Kheer is believed to be the favorite food of all the gods and that is why Kheer is a part of every Indian festival. On the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti, many types of kheer are made at home with milk.

pure ghee and jaggery

Lord Ganapati loves jaggery cooked in pure ghee, hence you can offer it to Bappa. If you feel like it, you can also add dates and coconut to the jaggery.

Murmura Laddus

When Kubera invited Ganesha for food, Ganesha could not get food, he kept wishing for more food. Then Lord Shiva devotedly offered him some puffed rice. It is believed that only after this Ganesh ji's hunger was satisfied. That is why on Ganesh Jayanti, a ladle of puffed rice and jaggery is prepared and offered to Bappa in the form of Naivaidya.

ukdiche modak

Modak is the favorite food of Lord Ganesha. On the first day, traditional modak made of rice flour, coconut and jaggery is offered to the Lord. Although modaks are made in many ways, but Ukdi modak is his favorite delicacy.

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