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Kingrant 2023: The festival of Makar Sankranti 2023 was celebrated everywhere with enthusiasm. Due to the first festival of the new year, curiosity was visible everywhere. Although very few people know that Kinkrant 2023 is celebrated on the second day of Sankranti. What does the word Kinkrant mean to many people? There is no information about the significance behind this festival. Through this, let us know what is Kingrant.

…so celebrates Kingrant

On the second day of Makar Sankranti, Goddess Sankranti killed the demon Kinkarasura. and freed the subjects from his scrutiny. That’s why this day is celebrated as Kinkranta. This day is depicted as Karidin in Panchag. This day is not taken for auspicious work. On this day also women celebrate Haldikunku ceremony.

Kinkranti Day ‘Mattu Pongal’ in South India

In South India, Kinkranti is celebrated as ‘Mattu Pongal’. On this day cows and bulls are bathed and garlands of flowers are put around their necks. Their horns are decorated with begs. The cattle are fed sweet food in the afternoon and left free for the whole day. In the evening a procession is taken out of the village. After that a program of dance and singing is also performed.

Do this day in Panchghat

This day is depicted as Karidin in Panchag. On this day women celebrate Haldi Kunku ceremony. On this day women should not put their hands in cow dung, eat stale roti on the day of Bhogi, braid before picking up the garbage, apply turmeric and kunku in the afternoon, some customs are observed in Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated for three days. It has names like Bhogi, Makar Sankranti, Kinkrant. On the day of Sankranti, friends and family members and children are given tilgul (sesame laddoos, vada or til ka halwa) to increase love, and women are warned by saying ‘take tilgul and speak sweetly’. Married women do Haldi-Kunku on this day and from this day onwards. Marathi women wear black saris on the day of Sankranti. Rathasaptami is the last day of Haldi Kunkwa of Sankranti.

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