Learn Japanese Fever symptoms, all causes of fever and prevention health care tips in Marathi.

Symptoms of Japanese Fever: when you Regarding Japanese Fever Have you heard about (Japanese fever)? This is not a common fever but a very dangerous fever. Due to this, the patient can also die. This fever is currently wreaking havoc in India. A big campaign for Japanese fever (fever symptoms) vaccination is being run in some districts of Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, health experts are advising to take special care of the health of children aged 1 to 15 years. The Health Department is appealing for caution instead of being careless. In such a situation, if you have children of this age in your house, then take special care of them.

Japanese fever is very dangerous, even a little carelessness can prove costly.

Japanese encephalitis is also called Japanese fever. This is a deadly disease caused by mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are commonly infected with flaviviruses. Japanese fever is not contagious, meaning it does not spread from person to person. Information about this fever appears 5 to 15 days after the mosquito bite. To prevent this, children are given vaccinations. This disease is considered dangerous, because the symptoms of Japanese fever increase and there is a risk of paralysis or coma-like conditions.

What are the symptoms of Japanese fever? (What are the symptoms of Japanese fever?)

  • Risk of headaches or swelling of brain tissue or nerve problems
  • high fever
  • Headache
  • sore throat
  • body pain
  • feeling cold
  • seizures

What is the treatment for Japanese fever? (What is the treatment for Japanese fever?)

When a person becomes infected with Japanese fever, he needs immediate treatment. A person suffering from Japanese fever is immediately admitted to the hospital. It is also important to start treatment immediately. He has also been fitted with an oxygen mask. Because an oxygen mask is applied to a person suffering from Japanese fever. Vaccine is also given if the condition of the person worsens.

What to do to avoid Japanese fever?

  • Maintain cleanliness around the house
  • When the weather changes or it rains, use clothes that cover your body, so you can protect yourself from mosquitoes
  • Be sure to use mosquito net while sleeping
  • Children between 1 to 15 years must be vaccinated.

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