Indian Railways Run Fare Free Train In India Without Any Charge Large Number Of People Want Journey

Indian Railways Fare Free Train: Traveling by train in the country is considered safer. This is the reason that most people travel more than roadways and it is more affordable than other fares for common people. General, sleeper and AC categories have been made for traveling in the train, in which passengers travel according to their convenience.

In such a situation, if you know that there are trains in which there is no TTE in train and no fare is applicable while traveling in it, then it will be no less than a surprise for you. Will be, but it’s true. There is such a train in India, in which fare is not taken from the people traveling. People have been traveling in it for the last 75 years. Let’s know the complete details about this train…

Where does the free fare train run?

Bhakra-Nangal Train is such a train, in which no money has to be paid for traveling. This train is run between Bhakra-Nangal Dam. This dam is on the border of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, to see which tourists come from all over the world. This dam is famous all over the world and it is known as Straight Gravity Dam. This train passes through the Sutlej river and completes a short journey of 13 km through the hills of Shivalik. For 75 years, people are taking advantage of free travel in this train.

train coaches are made of wood

When the fare is not even charged from the passengers in this train, then TTE is also not needed. Perhaps this is the reason why there is no TTE in it. Another interesting thing about this train is that its coaches are made of wood. This train runs on diesel. Although this train started in 1948 was run by steam engine. Its coaches are made in Karachi and its engines have come from America.

800 people travel daily

It is said that even today the number of people traveling by this train is 800. Due to being very old, people also come to see this train. It is said that when the dam was built, there was no means of transport. In such a situation, the railway track was constructed. Even during the construction of the dam, this train was used to bring and carry laborers and machines through the train.

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