Indian Electrical Industry Told The Government It Is Important To Follow Global Standards In The Interest Of Consumers

As India moves towards becoming a global powerhouse in manufacturing, consumption and IT sector, experts in the Indian electrical industry have started mounting pressure on the Indian government to ensure that the country’s electrical products comply with global standards. He is of the view that it is high time the Government of India needs to get serious and move away from the ‘chalta hai’ mindset when it comes to product quality and performance. This has ultimately put the lives of the users at risk as there has been very little upgradation and improvement in the electrical safety norms of the country. According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical shocks and massive fires are caused by faulty or broken electrical equipment 69 percent of the time, and unfortunately, people often ignore or are unaware of this important fact, which can have fatal consequences. May be.

While India’s own Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is doing its best in the assigned capacity, it does not at all set the agenda for end user safety. In case of ordinary wires, which are used in almost every household, BIS still mandates only PVC insulated wires which can withstand only 70°C temperature. In a tropical country like India where the ambient temperature touches 50 degree in some parts of our country during summer season, it gives very small window of safety in case of fire leading to fire hazard. Apart from this, this PVC insulation also emits toxic fumes which reduces the visibility to zero and worsens the health of the person breathing in this fumes.

Ajit Kulkarni, who works in the field of electrical consultancy, says that almost all types of wire fires are basically due to electrical faults. There is no lack of inspection and compliance in these.

According to the latest data from a study, more than 50 people die every day in India due to electricity-related fires and this situation demands the government to step in and ensure that Indian products are at par with the global level. Huh. This will help the domestic market to get better products and related services, as well as reduce imports of vital components saving precious foreign exchange. “Moreover, better product performance will ensure higher efficiency, thereby reducing costs, thereby ensuring our export competitiveness and better revenue,” said an official of the association. The mark prevents investment in research and development in the sector.

India is currently campaigning for ‘Make in India’ concept and we are inviting manufacturers to set up base in India and the question arises that how are we going to cater to the world if our standards are tangent or other countries are below the prescribed norms. “Therefore, there is an urgent need to revisit our standards, especially those related to electrical, if we are serious about ramping up or manufacturing facilities,” said another official, grounding the confidence about Indian quality. But it has to be made and it will help. In attracting global players who are keen to see India in their China plus one strategy.

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