India Demat Accounts 34 Percent Rise In December 2022

New Demat Accounts in December 2022: Good news is coming out on the investors’ front in the Indian stock market. Since the Corona Pandemic in the country, the confidence of new investors in the stock market has increased. In December last year, there has been an increase of 34 percent in the number of Demat Accounts, which is great news for the stock market.

Now the number of demat accounts in the country has increased to 10.8 crore. However, this is the first time that the number of demat accounts has crossed the 10 crore mark. These accounts have increased mainly after the Kovid period. It may be known that before the Corona epidemic, the number of demat accounts in the country was around 4 crores, which has now come above 10 crores.

What is demat account

Demat account means dematerialization account. You can consider Demat account as a kind of bank account. In this you use to keep shares and bonds in electronic form. If you want to invest money through investment in share market or any other market subject to risk, then it is mandatory for you to have a demat account.

what do the figures say

According to media reports, the number of demat accounts used for share trading has increased to 108 million in the month of December last year. The number of demat accounts in December 2022 has increased by 34 percent as compared to 8.1 crore in December 2021.

this is the biggest reason

There has been a sharp increase in the number of demat accounts due to the excellent returns from the stock markets, the ease of account opening process and the increase in financial savings. The increase in such accounts has been much higher in the month of December as compared to the previous three months.

Decreased number of active users

According to statistics, the number of active users on NSE has been continuously declining for the last 6 months amidst the increasing number of demat accounts. Active customers in the country increased by 12 percent on an annual basis, but in December 2022, it fell by 1 percent month-on-month to 35 million.

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