If you find the customer care number from Google, then definitely read this, this is how the account becomes empty.

Internet may have made many things easy on the one hand but on the other hand it has also increased the difficulties. This is because it is an open network where anyone can speak. All of you must have searched some customer care number on the internet at one time or the other. Be it of a bank, a hotel, an office or a school, for one reason or the other we google for customer care numbers. Many times our work is done by this, but many times people also become victims of fraud. Yes, fraud is also happening with people.

What’s the matter?

A woman from Mumbai found the phone numbers of packers and movers on Google and called them to shift the goods. After this, 4 people reached the woman’s house, out of which one took 2500 rupees from her and went away with a TV. He told the woman that the goods would move slowly. But after hours passed, when the woman felt that no one was going to return, the woman lodged a complaint in this regard in the police station and the police arrested one of the four men on the spot. After giving the money to the woman, it was realized that she had become a victim of fraud.

Actually, it happens that whenever you search for a customer care number on Google, usually people search the customer care number by entering the name of the place or the name of the office. At the top of the search, we see the customer care number and Google map or office or name. This is where fraudsters play. Actually, these numbers can be changed and anyone can change them. Especially hackers are more active in these cases and they manipulate the numbers. In such a situation, when you talk with the number, then the person in front tells himself to be associated with the same organization and from here slowly fraud starts happening with you.  The person tells himself to be associated with the same organization and we also believe because we are in need. In such a situation, the fraudsters ask you for your secret information, after which your money gets cleared. That’s why whenever you search for any information on Google, cross check it and do not give your personal information to any other person under any circumstances.

Government and government organizations or private companies never ask you for your personal information. So always be careful and work cautiously. 

The right information can be found

Whenever you search someone’s customer care number, always remove the number from its official website. For example, if you are looking for the number of a bank, then after entering the address of the bank, extract the number from its official website and do not disclose personal information over the phone. If possible, meet physically at the office.  

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