How To Choose The Right Bulb For Your Room Know Here

How to choose the right bulb for room: There are many types of bulbs and lighting equipment available in the market. As soon as they are applied, there is dazzling all around. Many people use very light bulbs in their homes, while some use very low light and low power consumption bulbs to save money, but you will be surprised to know that more glare is harmful to your eyes. Not good for. Similarly, choosing the wrong bulb or light can affect your health as well as your pocket. In such a situation, the question arises, then which bulb should be used?

Choose bulb according to age

Choosing a bulb for your home depends on many factors. If there are elders in your house, whose age is more than or around 60 years, then a high watt bulb should be installed in their room. Actually, with increasing age, the eyesight starts getting weak, in such a situation, nothing is visible well in the light of low watt bulb.

At the same time, normal light bulbs should be installed in the room of a person who is 50 or below. It is better if this bulb is of white light, because it does not put too much stress on the eyes.

Choose such a bulb for children

Only light or low light bulbs should be installed in the room of small children, because children’s eyes are more sensitive and cannot tolerate much light. There should be arrangement of table lamp in the house for school going or teenage children.

Take care of the color of the walls of the rooms

Apart from age, the paint on the walls of the house is also a factor. Before choosing the bulb, take a good look at the color of the walls of the room, because the reflection of light is also affected by the color of the wall. If the color of the walls of the room is red, blue or any other dark colour, then more wattage bulbs will be needed for lighting in such rooms. On the other hand, if the walls are white, cream, light pink or any other light color, then even a low watt bulb will give a lot of light in the room.

How to choose LED bulb?

Nowadays LED bulbs are in trend, they give more light in less watt and also reduce power consumption to a minimum. If you are installing LED bulbs in your room, then one LED bulb of 20 to 25 watts is sufficient for a room of 10×10 square feet. Its light doesn’t even sting the eyes and the room also keeps shining with light. Therefore, the choice of bulbs for your rooms should be done very carefully, because they affect both your health and your pocket.

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