Health Tips: Why do we feel sleepy and lazy while studying, know the scientific reason behind it

Reasons for sleeping while studying: Often I fall asleep as soon as I open the book. This type of thing happens not only in the case of children studying but also with elders. However, we often overlook it all too easily. We consider laziness as the reason behind this. However, according to experts, there is a need to take this habit seriously at the right time.

eye muscle strain

Actually, reading puts more pressure on our eyes. While reading, our brain acts like a computer’s memory. In such a situation, the muscles of the eyes start to relax and the brain gets tired in no time. Due to which we get sleep.

the body rests

Another reason for falling asleep while reading is that while reading your body is at rest and only your eyes and mind are working. In such a state, as soon as the whole body relaxes, the muscles start relaxing and sleep comes. That’s why experts recommend sitting in the same posture for reading.

It helps to sleep even during travel

When our body rests, it goes into a state of sleep. This happens not only while studying but also while traveling in a car. You must have seen people sleeping during the journey. This is also the reason behind this. Highway drivers also experience drowsiness because the brain and eyes are working during this time and the rest of the body is relatively relaxed.

What to do for not being able to sleep?

  • For this, there should be good lighting at the place of study.
  • Outside air and light should reach the study area, so that along with outside air and light, the freshness of the body is maintained.
  • Never practice reading on a chair-table instead of sitting on the bed. That’s why seeing the chair and table will prepare your mind for studies and will not cause laziness.
  • Have a light meal before starting your studies. You will not feel lazy.

Note: All the above things are being given by ABP Maa only as information to the readers. ABP does not take any claim from me. Therefore, any treatment and medicine should be taken only on the advice of a specialist.

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