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Benefits of walking five minutes: Exercise and diet are very important for a healthy body. If you are about to start exercising, walking may be a great form of exercise for you. According to a research, the health problems caused by prolonged sitting cannot be cured by daily exercise alone. In a recent study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Keith said people who spend long periods of time sitting are more likely to develop a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and several types of cancer. That’s why people who have the habit of walking regularly, they are saved from these diseases to a large extent.

As per studies, a short walk throughout the day activates the muscles and helps in controlling blood sugar levels. The sitting position works to create torsion and pressure in the blood vessels of the legs. This changes blood circulation and can increase blood pressure. Researchers found that walking for five minutes after every 30 minutes of sitting lowered blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol

According to researchers, sitting in one place for a long time keeps our muscles stable. When muscles are not used properly, they tend to imbalance blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Regular walking helps the muscles to act as better regulators of blood sugar and cholesterol. Diaz told Medical News Today that the most exciting part of this new riser is how it avoids the harmful health effects of sitting.

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We know how many fruits and vegetables we should eat per day and how much exercise we should do. Taking breaks every half hour is good for the body and mind, at a time when many workplaces are sedentary. With this you will feel refreshed and will also be healthy.

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Health Tips: Start the day with ‘yes’ tea in pink cold; Along with increasing immunity, it will also protect against viruses.

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