Health Tips Know About Heart Disease What To Do To Prevent Heart Disease

health News , Cardiovascular disease (cardiovascular disease) is a disorder related to the heart and involves the risk of developing heart and blood vessel disease (disease of the heart or blood vessels) as well as organ damage. A heart attack occurs when one of the three main arteries that supply blood to the heart becomes blocked and the blood supply stops.heart attack) They say.

Heart disease is the most dangerous and deadly disease. Smoking, sedentary work, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, stress and aging increase the risk of heart disease. According to the changing lifestyle, increasing stress, depression, lack of exercise, wrong eating habits, lack of sleep, all these things have a direct effect on the heart. Follow these steps to keep your heart and lungs healthy.

What to do to prevent heart disease?

Do not ignore any symptoms of heart disease. If symptoms like shortness of breath and chest heaviness, sweating appear even after walking a short distance, consult a doctor. Patients of diabetes and hypertension need to be more careful. Adopting an active lifestyle will be beneficial.

Include fiber rich foods in your diet. Include wheat flour containing bran in your diet and do not forget to include cereals like jowar, ragi, maize in your daily diet. It is rich in fiber and helps to lower cholesterol as well as increase good cholesterol.

Avoid eating foods fried in the same oil again and again. Instead, include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids or saturated fats in your diet. Include linseed, oilseeds, vegetable oil, safflower oil or olive oil in the diet. Also include dry fruits, roasted peanuts, almonds, flax seeds in the diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet. Because it contains vitamins, minerals and fiber which are very beneficial for the heart. It is necessary to have sufficient amount of protein in the diet. Limit the intake of salt in daily food. According to the advice of WHO, a person should consume only 5 grams of salt in a day.

Consult a doctor before starting exercise. Experts recommend what types of exercise should be avoided by individuals with co-morbidities like high blood pressure. If a person has high blood pressure, the doctor may advise him not to exercise in the declined position (legs up and head down). Also, a sudden increase in speed or intensity when starting any exercise such as cardio or weight lifting is dangerous for heart health. Any exercise should begin with a warm-up. This is followed by moderate intensity exercise and a cool down at the end. While doing all this make sure you are drinking enough water.

– Doctor. Prashant Pawar, Interventional Cardiologist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nashik

Note: All the above things are being given by ABP Maa only as information to the readers. ABP does not take any claim from me. Therefore, any treatment and medicine should be taken only on the advice of a specialist.

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