Health Tips Ayurvedic Drink to Control Hair Fall, Weight Loss, Migraine, Inflammation and Hormonal Balance Marathi News

health tips: Although winter season is pleasant, it also has some problems. Problems like cold, migraine, hair fall can occur in this season. There are so many options to eat and drink that a person feels like eating something or the other and eats it again and again, which leads to problems like flatulence, acidity and weight gain. If you want to enjoy winter without any hassle, then start your day with just this one drink. All kinds of problems will remain away.

You need this drink.

  • 2 glasses of water,
  • 7-10 curry leaves,
  • 3 celery leaves,
  • 1 teaspoon coriander,
  • 1 teaspoon cumin,
  • 1 cardamom, crushed
  • 1 inch ginger (grated)

Drink Recipe

  • – Pour water in a pan and let it heat.
  • When it comes to a boil, add curry leaves, coriander, cumin, cardamom and grated ginger.
  • Boil for at least five minutes.
  • After this, filter and drink little by little.

What exactly are the benefits of the ingredients in this drink?

Curry Leaves: Curry leaves control hair fall and weight. Reduces sugar levels and helps improve hemoglobin.

Celery Leaves: Celery leaves are useful in reducing swelling, indigestion, cold, diabetes, asthma and in weight loss.

Coriander: Eating coriander improves metabolism. Apart from this, it also improves migraine, thyroid and hormonal imbalance.

Cumin: It is beneficial for controlling sugar, weight loss, acidity, migraine and cholesterol.

Cardamom: Cardamom is very effective for motion sickness, nausea, migraine, high blood pressure as well as for hair and skin.

Ginger: The elements present in ginger help in curing many problems like indigestion, gas, weight loss.

So start your day with this immune boosting drink instead of milk tea. There is no doubt that drinking this drink will start your day very healthy and energetic. So start drinking this drink from today itself.

Note: All the above things are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers only as information. ABP does not take any claim from me. Therefore, any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken only after consulting a specialist.

important news:

Health Tips: Start the day with ‘Yes’ tea in pink cold; Along with increasing immunity, it will also protect against viruses.

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