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Health , Many people are fond of sweet food. Some people cannot live without eating sweet dishes. But do you know? How harmful can your habit of eating sweets or sugar be for your health? Heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes and many such diseases can affect you. If you are also fond of too much sugar then how can it be harmful for your health? trace..

How can sugar be bad for your health?

Before going on any good work, we eat sweets and even when there is a happy occasion, we do not forget to sweeten our mouth. Whatever be the occasion… we never forget to eat sweets. But do you know that sugar is very dangerous for your health? This can cause many health related problems. Sugar is found in large quantities in many of our foods. High sugar content can cause great harm to health. We eat many foods every day like canned foods, sugary drinks, ice creams, etc., which are high in sugar. This can cause many health related problems in your body. Actually, sugar not only increases the risk of diabetes, but it can also cause many other problems. In this article we will know how sugar can harm our health. trace..

risk of heart disease

If you have a habit of eating too much sugar, the amount of sugar in your body increases, which increases the risk of heart disease. Sugar increases inflammation in the body, increases blood pressure, increases blood sugar and triglycerides. These are all risk factors for heart disease, which increase the risk of heart attack or other heart diseases.

fatty liver

Too much sugar in food can harm your liver. Fructose, which is a form of sugar, breaks down in your liver, releasing energy and storing it as glycogen. Due to high amount of glycogen, it starts getting stored in the liver as fat, which can cause fatty liver problem.

weight may increase

Packaged foods and sugary drinks contain fructose, which increases leptin hormone levels, which can cause problems controlling appetite. Furthermore, hunger is not quenched and our body consumes more calories, leading to increased body fat and weight gain. If this continues for some time, it can also lead to the problem of obesity.

diabetes type 2

High sugar content can make it difficult to control blood sugar levels in the body. As sugar levels rise, insulin resistance can increase, increasing the risk of type-2 diabetes. Additionally, sugar increases diabetes risk factors like weight gain and inflammation, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes.

old age comes

Sugar accelerates the aging process of not only your skin but also the cells. Consuming too much sugar causes the body to produce compounds called AGEs, which increase inflammation and accelerate the aging process. It can also cause other skin problems like acne.

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