Government Yojana: The amount falling short for business, the government is giving huge amount to the farmers! Learn how to take advantage

If you are a farmer and want to earn well by starting a business, then tell that the government gives you a huge amount under a scheme, with the help of which you can start your business. Along with this, you will also be able to invest money to further your business. However, this amount is given only to people doing small scale industries. 

Who will benefit 

Pashu Kisan Credit Card (Haryana Pashu Kisan Credit Card) scheme is run by the Government of Haryana. Under this, farmers can buy animals by taking loan and can further the business of animal husbandry. Also, if there is already a business of animal husbandry, then it can be made bigger. However, its benefit is given only to the residents of Haryana. 

Who will get how much 

Under Pashu Kisan Credit Card, a minimum of Rs 1,60,000 and a maximum benefit of Rs 3 lakh is given. Rs 60,249 is given for buffalo, Rs 4,063 for sheep and goat and Rs 16,327 for pigs. To take advantage of this, you can contact the nearest bank branch. Will have to go to the bank and apply. Along with this some documents are also necessary. 

Which forms required 

To fill the form in the bank, you will have to give Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID card, bank account details, passport size photo and ration card etc. Banks will approve the loan in 15 days after checking your documents. For this you have to give the health certificate of the animal. 

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