Government Want Major Changes To Released Date Of GDP And Other Data Before Budget 2023

Union Budget 2023: The government has changed the dates of the GDP data to be released just before the Union Budget. Now this figure will be released after the presentation of the budget. This decision of the government will be implemented from the budget 2023-24 only. According to a report, every time the government has changed the date of these figures released a day before the budget so that there is no confusion of any kind.

Earlier, the government used to release data on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, revised estimates of national income, savings and capital formation, expenditure and other things on January 31, but now it will be released on the last day of February after the budget. This decision will be implemented from this budget and will remain for the future as well.

Why the change in data release date?

According to a report in Economic Times, the government has decided to change the release time of various data. The government believes that this change is necessary for the clarity of the figures. Also, before the budget 2023-24, the government has decided to make this change to avoid any confusion.

Quoting the government statement in the report, it has been said that this data released on January 31 is released just before the budget, due to which many information was not included in it. However, now with this change, other figures can also be included.

Will affect the development of the country

Before the release of the Union Budget 2023-24, this decision is being considered important as it will affect India’s savings and also on the country’s development path. Especially when the situation at the global level is opposite. In such a time, these numbers can be important to assess the economic health of the country.

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