Experience of Dating Apps is to be taken and there is fear in mind too! So follow these tips, the scammer will be identified immediately.

Online Dating Apps Tips: Dating apps are very much liked by the youth in today’s time. Here people are looking for their partner. At the same time, some people are looking for a casual relationship. Like other apps and online services, dating apps have also become a target of scammers who are trying to fool people in various ways. If you explain by example, scammers make a solid identity by adding someone else’s details by creating a fake account, and manipulate and cheat with it, but do not panic because there are many ways with the help of which you can avoid fraud on dating apps. can survive. Here we are giving some tips that can help you stay safe from scammers on online dating platforms.

check the pictures

Please check the pictures to avoid scammers. Many scammers do not use their real photos. Now do a reverse image search to check whether the profile pic is original or not. If you find someone else using the same profile pic, there are chances that the profile on the dating app is fake.

ask questions to learn more

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If you find a match you like, ask questions to learn more about it. Ask that person a personal question. Try to know the person on a personal level. Try to identify the truth, lie and fiction in the answers.

social media post

Keep in mind what you have posted on social media. In fact, scammers can use the details shared on social media and dating sites to better understand and target you. Avoid sharing personal information about family and friends, your home or work address, or your daily routine.

don’t transfer money

Cyber ​​Cell Delhi has advised users not to send money to anyone they meet online. It is also advised not to share credit card numbers, bank account information, wire transfer details or any personal identification number details.

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