ESIM Card Know How To Convert Physical Sim Into E Sim Card Of Jio Airtel And VI Get Safe From Sim Swap Fraud

eSIM Card: On the one hand things have become easier with the advent of internet, on the other hand many difficulties are also in front of the people. One of these is the cases of digital fraud. Fraudsters or scammers are digitally cleaning people’s money. In the recent past, you must have heard about the SIM swap fraud where the fraudsters are stealing people’s SIM information and taking away their money. The best way to avoid SIM swap fraud is to be alert and get your SIM converted to e-SIM. Yes, e-SIM gives you better protection in all these cases. Today, through this article, know how you can convert your SIM card into e-SIM.

What is sim swap fraud?

Actually, what happens in SIM swap fraud is that the fraudsters first buy a new SIM card and then ask the operator to activate that SIM. Here they tell the telecom operator that their old SIM card has been lost, so this number should be activated by changing it to the old number. Here the number in which they get their SIM card changed, that number belongs to some other person. That is, he makes the other person’s number his own. After this somehow they get OTP from that person after which the SIM card becomes active. Once the SIM card is activated, the scammer gets full rights to the number and all calls and texts are forwarded to this number. This is how they clean people’s money.

The best way to avoid SIM swap fraud is to convert the SIM card to e-SIM. You can also use Face ID and fingerprint to secure the e-SIM card. There is no physical SIM in the e-SIM card, so scammers or fraudsters cannot cheat the operator that their SIM card is lost or damaged. E-SIM cards can prove to be very helpful in reducing the case of cybercrime.

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Change your sim card in e-sim like this

Before applying for e-SIM card, do check whether your smartphone supports e-SIM or not. If your smartphone does not support e-SIM, then you cannot convert the SIM card. In India, Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea offer the option to convert SIM to e-SIM. The company does not charge any separate fee for this. If you have iPhone 14 then you can get the SIM card converted to E-SIM as it supports E-SIM.

How to convert Jio sim

If you want to convert Jio’s SIM, then for this you have to send “GETE-SIM <32 Digit EID><15 Digit IMEI>” to 199. If you do not know your IMEI number, you can find it by dialing *#06#. Similarly, if you do not know the ID number, then you can see it by going to the setting of the mobile phone. After doing this process, you will get 19 digit virtual e-SIM number through an SMS. Once you get the e-SIM number, you have to type “SIMCHG <19 digit e-SIM Number>” to 199. After this, you will get an update from Jio stating that your SIM card is being processed. It takes 1 to 2 hours for this work to happen. After this, you have to send a message by typing 1 to 183, after which you will get an automated call from the company (+91 2235072222). In this call you have to confirm by pressing 1. In this way your e-sim card process will be completed and sim card will be converted. Once the SIM card is converted, you can install the data plan by going to the settings of the e-SIM.

How to convert airtel sim

To convert Airtel’s SIM, you have to send a message typing “e-SIM<>registered email id” to 121. After this a message will come in which you will have to reply by typing 1. After this, an SMS will come again from Airtel, in which you will be told that an authentication call will come from the company. After authentication is done, you will get a QR code on your registered email ID, which you will have to scan in the e-SIM option. Your e-SIM service will start on this side. It may take 1 to 2 hours for the e-SIM to be activated.

Convert Vodafone-Idea SIM like this

If you are now a Vodafone Idea user, then to convert to e-SIM, you will have to send a message to 199 by typing e-SIMregistered email ID. After this you will get a message in which you have to confirm for E-SIM and type “E-SIMY” in the reply. Now you will get a call in which you will have to tell all the information. After authentication is done, you will get an SMS containing the QR code. Your e-SIM will be activated by scanning this QR code.

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