Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Biography – Childhood, Life Story, Facts

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was born in New York in 1757, her birth name being Elizabeth Schuyler. She was the second daughter of General Philip Schuyler and Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler. His family was very powerful and was one of the wealthiest families at that time or at that time. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was home schooled and has had a beautiful, young and wonderful life. That she grew up to be a beautiful intelligent woman who married Alexander Hamilton doesn’t need to be portrayed throughout American history.

She was a huge name and was very famous for being the wife of Senator Alexander Hamilton. However, along with this, she was also well known in her own way.

Quick Wikis – Biography

personal information
name Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
Surname Elizabeth Schuyler
profession) french financier
Birthday August 9, 1757
dead November 9, 1854 (97 years old)
kind female
birth place Albany, New York
nationality American
famous as wife of alexander hamilton
CASTEISMAND Notable Dutch-American
Zodiac sign Leo
total price $6 million
Family (Parents and Siblings)
father’s name Philip Schuyler
mother’s name Katherine Van Rensselaer
brothers and sisters
sister Angelique Schuyler
sister Margarita Schuyler Van Rensselaer
brother Philip Jeremy Schuyler
sister Cornelia Schuyler Morton
sister Katherine Schuyler Malcolm Cochran
brother John Bradstreet Schuyler
brother Rensselaer Schuyler
relationships and children
husband Alexander Hamilton (one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America) (d. 1780–1804)
Son Philip Hamilton
girl Angelique Hamilton
girl eliza hamilton holly
Son James Alexander Hamilton
Son Colonel Alexander Hamilton Jr.
Son William Stephen Hamilton (American politician and miner)
Son John Church Hamilton (historian, biographer and lawyer)

What is the life story of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton?

Whenever an author writes a biography of Alexander Hamilton, he can never miss two names. The history of Alexander cannot be complete without these names. One is Aaron Burr and the other is Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. While Aaron was antagonizing Hamilton and resulting in Alexander Hamilton’s death, Elizabeth was a huge support in his life.

Elizabeth was born on August 9, 1757, to a very wealthy and political family of the time, widely known as the Schuylers.

Elizabeth was the second of seven children of General Schuyler. His ancestors were Dutch while his entire family settled in the state of Albany.

At a very young age, Elizabeth learned to read, swing a hammock, and basic cooking and other household skills from her mother. Her nickname or love name was Liz or Eliza. He did his schooling entirely at home with his siblings. Her parents hired the best teachers for the house and taught her at home. His father was also involved in politics but he was also a great businessman.

What was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton’s childhood like?

Hence, Elizabeth had a blessed and beautiful childhood with all the luxuries. She has always been full of gratitude and compassion, her life has been wonderful. People who met him describe him as charming, cheerful and well-mannered, with long hair and large, warlike eyes. During her early childhood she was known as the daughter of General Schuyler, who is actually as strong as any boy his age.

With the blessings of her childhood, she was fortunate when it came to meeting Benjamin Franklin. He stayed at the Schuyler mansion.

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So, with such a beautiful education, she grew up to be an intelligent and warm woman who caught Alexander’s attention. It has paved the way for a powerful life for the soon to be couples.

How did Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton meet Alexander Hamilton?

Although Alexander was not privileged during his youth, he had a blessed childhood as a young boy. This is the reason why Elizabeth, the daughter of the richest family, fell in love with him. Alexander and Elizabeth met in a town called Morristown. Elizabeth goes there for a short stay to visit her relatives. So, during this time, Alexander Schuyler served in the military and held the post of duty officer in this city. Only then both of them met for a very short time.

This short meeting and rendezvous between the two was short but it was enough to trigger both worlds, although Elizabeth soon abandoned the reunion. Thus the two kept in touch by exchanging letters. He saw “The American War of Independence”.

This was the only and common means of communication during this period.

Alexander was very close to George Washington, having served him for many years, as Washington could see Alexander’s potential. So, on the other hand, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Washington became a good friend of the lady. It was also a good sign that the two were connected.

After a few months of dating and exchanging letters, the two decided to get officially engaged. However, Elizabeth was from one of the wealthiest families, while Alexander struggled with his present and a dark past. Her family also saw great potential in Sikandar and a good match for Elizabeth.

The family happily accepted their relationship and gave their blessings to the soon to be married couple.

When did Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton marry Alexander Hamilton?

After a few months of courtship, the two became engaged and Elisabeth’s family gave their blessing for them. Sikandar had no family to ask for blessings or approval of any kind. In December 1780, the two married in a lavish ceremony. Everyone there thought that Sikandar was a very lucky man to have got such a beautiful wife.

However, Sikandar had a bad past where his mother died at a young age and his father crushed him. He thought that Elizabeth would never accept him as her son-in-law. He always showed his suspicious side even when proposing to Elizabeth. But fate had something else in store for her, she accepted Sikandar as her son-in-law with all her heart.

Since then Alexander was a young and brilliant man who was very hardworking and made a name for himself in politics, law and the army. At the same time he was in the good books of all famous men, he was honest and generous. On a winter evening in December 1780, Elisabeth’s family was overjoyed and proud of Elisabeth’s choice.

How was his life after marriage?

Alexander and Elizabeth were a faithful couple till their last breath and lived happily ever after. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was a role model and devoted mother to her eight children with Alexander. Their names were Philippa Angelica, John Williams, Ames Alexander, Eliza, and Philippa. All were born within a 20-year period. Elizabeth lived with her husband Alexander at their home in New York.

How did Elizabeth handle her husband’s professional years?

Elizabeth was a self-sufficient and intelligent woman, and she never left her husband behind. After returning from the honeymoon, she actively participated in all political and business activities of her husband. That’s why Sikandar also always respected his wife and her decisions. Along with being a great helper in all of life’s ups and downs, she was also a devoted great mother to her eight children with Alexander Hamilton.

Although she became a widow at the age of 47, she continued to take care of her children to give them a good life.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was a woman of courage and confidence; He never gave up in his life.

In fact, it was she who paid off all of her husband’s debts after he was killed by Aaron Burr in 1804. After the death of Alexander, Elizabeth lived for 50 years, faced many setbacks in life, but decided never to give up. She knew how to give a good life to her children, and she brought honor to the family and to her father’s name.

What are interesting facts about Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton?

We all know that all the big names in history have been involved in scams, some made up but some real.

That’s why Alexander’s life was also no different from this.

  • Elizabeth and Alexander were very loving and loyal to each other, as they appeared. But the reality was a bit different. While Elizabeth Hamilton was very faithful to her husband, even after his death, she never thought of any other man. But for Alexander, it was different and that is why people talk about the scandal.
  • Elizabeth used to take the children to her maternal home during the summer holidays. It was around this time that Maria Reynold met Alexander Hamilton and sought sympathy, that her husband left her with their daughter. She asks Alexander for a little financial help to take care of her daughter and start a new life in New York.
  • While Elizabeth was away, Alexander decided to hand over the money to Maria the next night. It was then that the two of them began an affair which was hidden from Elizabeth for three years.
  • The turning point came when Maria’s husband was well aware that his wife was cheating on him with another man, and he knew who that man was. This leads him to threaten Alexander with leaking all the details to his wife, Elizabeth. Therefore, Alexander paid thousands of dollars to be able to save his marriage to Elizabeth.
  • Years later, when Elizabeth learned of his affair, she at first forgave him because she had been faithful and loved him. and second, because he also wanted to save Hamilton’s political career.
  • For the rest of his life, he devoted his life to the education of his eight children. She was also involved in charitable work. She was a household name until her death in November 1854 at the age of 97.
  • Today, he is buried in the same cemetery as Alexander, having lived a faithful and full life. We will always remember him.

Another question about Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Q: Has Eliza Hamilton ever remarried?

Answer: No, never.

Question: Did Eliza Hamilton burn the letters?

answer: She died of natural causes.

Question: Did Hamilton really love Eliza?

Question: Yes, it was love at first sight for both of them.

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