Educated people sometimes get confused in CC and BCC of emails, understand their meaning here

Technology is getting advanced day by day and old things are disappearing in a way. It means to say that earlier people used to use e-mail a lot, but after the advent of WhatsApp, the use of e-mail has decreased to some extent. The reason is that WhatsApp is simple and easy. Instead of writing long words in email, work is done on WhatsApp in a few seconds. If seen according to the time, it is also correct. Today in this article we will tell you about CC and BCC related to e-mail. We know that some people know their meaning, but there are some people who often get confused in them and do something wrong. 

In simple words it means

CC inside the e-mail means carbon copy. Whereas, BCC means blind carbon copy. Till a few years ago, if the same type of document had to be given to another person, then people used to do this work by keeping the carbon paper under their copy. It used to happen with carbon paper that whatever was written on the first page or main page used to be printed in the second page as well. Due to this, people did not have to write the same thing twice separately. Similarly, now it happens in email too. This is the reason carbon copy is used when you want to send the same e-mail to another person, rather than writing it separately. The e-mail IDs you keep in the carbon copy will also receive mail. Means the one with TO column will get the mail as well as the one with CC. 

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It also works like a carbon copy in a way, but in blind carbon copy, the person whose e-mail address you keep, gets the e-mail, but in this situation, people with TO column do not know that this mail and to whom it is sent whereas in case of CC the TO column contains all the information. 

Example of CC


When I send the mail,

In this situation ABC will also know that this email has also been sent to xyz. Whereas in the blind carbon copy written below, abc will not know that it has also been sent to xyz.

BCC Example com

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