The Truth of the Ear Why You Don’t Understand Anything When Someone Speaks Too Fast Interesting Facts Marathi News

Ear Facts: We see many such people around us who have the habit of speaking very fast. When someone talks very fast it becomes very difficult to talk to him. Plus, more than half of what has been said is the reaction of people who have lost their heads or have not understood anything. Now the question arises that in such a situation our ears are listening to that person’s voice, but when a person speaks fast then why we are not able to hear and understand at the same speed? Let us know why this happens and what is the reason behind it.

What is sound?

We all know the sound. Sound is a type of wave, which requires a medium like solid, liquid or gas for its propagation. The speed of sound waves depends on the density of the medium. The speed of sound is highest in solids, then in liquids, and then in gases. These waves are longitudinal mechanical waves. Whose frequency is between 20Hz to 20000Hz. Our ears can hear waves in this range. Waves in this range are called audio waves.

How do we understand sound?

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The texture of the body is also astonishing. Ear is very important for hearing sound. So man has brain to understand. It takes 1/10th of a second for any sound to reach the brain from our ears. At that time the brain recognizes and understands that sound. The brain then instructs the ear to listen for the next sound.

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Now if a person speaks faster than 1/10 second then his voice reaches our ears but our ears do not hear that voice. That’s why that voice does not reach the brain continuously and we cannot understand it. This is the reason why when someone speaks loudly, we hear only a few of his words and do not hear anything, that is, do not understand.

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