CLAT 2023 Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips Know How To Prepare Section Wise In Last Few Days Stay Stress Free

CLAT 2023 Last Minute Preparation Tips: Common Law Admission Test 2023 will be conducted on 3rd December. As we can see there is very little time left for the examination to be conducted. In such a situation, many times we do not understand how to prepare, what to read, what to leave. If you also have similar confusion then do not stress. Follow these tips based on expert advice and give the exam stress free. These are according to the tips section.

Keep these things in mind

Before preparing section wise, keep some important things in mind. Like, revise only what comes at this time and do not start anything new. Focus more on the section which has more marks as per weightage. Give a lot of mock tests and give section wise mock tests so that you can analyze yourself properly. Focus especially on time management and stay updated about current affairs.

To motivate yourself, put a photo of your favorite college in front of you and think in your mind that you have to reach here, no matter how. Maintain a proper lifestyle, that is, eat on time, eat homemade food, do light exercise and meditation.

Prepare section wise like this

English Language – Do not spend more than 25 to 30 minutes for this section. It contains passages which are of class 12th level. For preparation, revise the grammar rules and do not worry. Read the passage slowly and comfortably and answer. There is no need for special preparation in this now.

current affairs – This section should be completed in 15 to 20 minutes as per your ability. Keep reading newspaper articles, editorials etc. properly because you need in-depth information to solve this section. There will be no benefit in superficial reading. Therefore, whatever you read, read it properly.

Logical Reasoning – This topic is also of 25-30 minutes. In this, questions come from legal and moral issues. For this, increase your reasoning ability. Prepare league matter and terms like negligence, defamation etc. properly.

Quantitative Technique – 15 to 20 minutes should be enough for this section also. For this, calculation skills should be good. Maths concepts should be correct and one should know how to apply shortcuts.

This way, give exam stress free

Divide the entire time given for the exam according to the section and complete that section in the same time. You can start with current affairs and complete these topics in ten minutes to save time for the current section. Answer the questions only after reading them properly. Write what is being asked and not what you know. Don’t wait too long on any question. If you don’t know then go ahead and do not give wrong answer because there is negative marking. All questions are of equal marks so do not waste the rest of the paper for one question.

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