Cancer at a young age, what are the reasons behind it, these 6 habits are the big reason

health tips: In the current era, cancer cases have increased at a young age. Recently a research has come out regarding cancer. Research has shown that in these 30 years, cancer cases have increased by 79 percent in people below 50 years of age all over the world. That’s why experts say that recognizing the early symptoms of cancer is the biggest need of the present time.

Patients of ‘this’ type of cancer increased in India!

Experts say that it is necessary to change your lifestyle to prevent cancer. In the study done on cancer, 200 countries including India have been researched and on the basis of that this report has been prepared. Research has shown that breast cancer, esophageal cancer and prostate cancer are most common in India.

What is the cause of cancer at a young age?

According to a research published in ‘British Medical Journal’ (Oncology), factors like poor lifestyle, pollution and not being very active can cause cancer. According to Dr. Amit Bhargava, Director, Medical Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute, the number of cancer patients increases due to poor lifestyle and this could be the biggest reason for getting cancer at a young age. Smoking, smoking vape, consuming alcohol, eating junk food and eating food with more chemicals can increase the risk of cancer.

Phone and junk food can also be the reason

Excessive use of the phone and being less active also increases the risk of cancer in a person. That’s why every person should take special care of his lifestyle. Due to outside food and junk food, we have to face many problems related to intestines. How does junk food cause cancer? This thing has been revealed by a research.

pollution is also a big reason

Pollution can be a major reason behind the increase in cancer patients. Airborne sulphur, cadmium and factory pollution enter our bodies. Carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer) can also cause lung cancer and many other diseases. Along with this, this research has also revealed how the rate of stomach gas and colon cancer is increasing due to our wrong eating habits and lifestyle.

bad lifestyle is dangerous

According to Dr. MD Ray, professor and cancer surgeon of AIIMS Delhi, bad lifestyle is costing us dearly. The study also revealed that 30 per cent of the youth are suffering from cancer due to poor lifestyle. Due to poor lifestyle, people below the age of 45 are also falling prey to this disease. This research has also revealed the early symptoms of breast cancer.

What are the reasons behind breast cancer?

The biggest cause of breast cancer is the hormone estrogen, which changes the tissues and DNA of the body. Family history plays a role in 5-10 percent of cancer cases. Nowadays girls of 20 to 22 years are also suffering from breast cancer, in this case there has been an increase of 15 to 20 percent.

This study also showed that chemical food causes cancer. Eating chemically contaminated food can cause irritation to the organs, circulation, skin and soft tissues of the body and thus alter their function. Changes in our genes can also lead to cancer.

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