Trending News: Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thackeray exposes Priyanka Chaudhary, opens ‘Kachha Chittha’ in the confession room

Only a few days are left for the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Making the biggest bet of this season, Bigg Boss has started ‘Ticket to Finale Week’. Where this week all the householders will try to win the captaincy by doing different tasks, so that they can participate in the finale race. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asked the opinion of Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary from all the family members. But when Shiv Thackeray’s turn came, he exposed the actress in the confession room and told how his game plan was changing.

Makers have shown a glimpse of this in the promo of the upcoming episode on 17 January (Bigg Boss 16 January 17 Promo). Other housemates including Shaleen Bhanot, MC Steyn and Shiv Thackeray go to the confession room in turn. He tells what is his opinion about Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary’s game.

Shaleen stabs Priyanka in the back

Shaleen Bhanot says that she does not like Priyanka’s argument. She picks a word and then interprets it in her own way. They have to show themselves above by demeaning others. When it is Shiv Thackeray’s turn, he exposes Priyanka’s game.

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Shiv exposed, said- Priyanka has now become zero

Shiv Thackeray said for Priyanka, ‘He thinks the trophy is only his’ The fight was the main and strong point of Priyanka. She stopped it after Ankit left… Priyanka started feeling zero after that as soon as Ankit was evicted. Now it has to be seen what masterstroke Bigg Boss will play after this opinion of the family members. It is not yet clear from the promo why Bigg Boss wanted to know the opinion of the housemates about Priyanka. Will he do this for every contestant or has Priyanka been asked only? This will be known only after the episode is telecast. But it is certain that the ‘Ticket to Finale Week’ task has started showing its true colors in Bigg Boss house.

Nimrit may have escaped eviction by becoming this week’s captain, but the game plan and strategy of the rest of the housemates is now out in the open. Everyone has started showing their real face. In a recent episode, Shaleen Bhanot was seen asking Priyanka to make him the captain. If he becomes the captain, he will save Priyanka from elimination. Now when Shaleen has not become the captain, he has changed sides and raised his voice against Priyanka.

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