Best Multibagger Penny Stock Raj Rayon Industries Ltd Share Price Target Return

The stock market around the world is in the grip of sell-off since last year. Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) are continuously withdrawing from the Indian market. So far this year, the performance of the domestic stock markets has been poor. Although even after this, there are some such stocks, whose prices were once in pennies, but they have given multibagger returns to their investors by beating the market moves. One such multibagger penny stock is Raj Rayon Industries Ltd, which has given 225 times return to investors in the last one and a half years.

damage from last few days

Recent few days have not been good for this stock. Today, on March 27, Raj Rayon’s stock fell nearly two per cent to close at Rs 67.85. At the same time, its price has declined by 7.62 percent in the last five days and by more than 15 percent during the last one month. However, even after this, the rise in the shares of Raj Rayon Industries Limited makes it a part of the list of multibagger stocks.

price hiked like this

Its stock price used to be only 30 paise 17 months ago, which has now reached Rs 67.85. On October 01, 2021, the price of this share was closed at 30 paise. After that it picked up such a speed that all the stalwarts were left miles behind. Compared to the price at that time, the investors of this stock have got a return of about 22,516 per cent in the last one and a half years.

Price dropped in last one month

This stock has just fallen from its all time high. The stock had made its all-time high of Rs 89.75 earlier this month. Since then, its price has fallen by about 24 percent. However, if we talk about this year, it has jumped by about 84 percent from Rs.36.90. Similarly, the price of this stock has increased from Rs 16.80 to Rs 67.85 in the last six months. That is, during this period, the share price of Raj Rayon Industries Limited has increased by about 300 percent.

In this way the wealth of investors increased

If we look at the way in which the price of this stock has been moving, then if an investor had invested one lakh rupees in it a month ago, the value of his investment would have reduced to 85 thousand rupees today. Similarly, the investment value of those who had invested Rs 1 lakh in the beginning of this year would have been Rs 1.84 lakh now. Those who had invested Rs 1 lakh in the stock of the company six months ago would have got more than Rs 03 lakh now. On the other hand, if someone had invested 45 thousand rupees in this stock 17 months before today i.e. during October 2021, then the value of his investment would have been more than one crore rupees.

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