Artificial Intelligence And Job Fear Can AI Replace Your Job ChatGPT 4 Lists 20 Human Jobs It Can Replace Check List

Chat GPT 4 : OpenAI’s ChatGPT had sunk the world that now the company has launched another chatbot GPT 4. This chatbot is being said to be smarter than ChatGPT. The struggle between humans and AI has been going on for a long time. Many times claims are made that AI or robots will eat human jobs, while many times these claims are also rejected. It is said that humans will never allow robots or AI to become smarter than themselves. On the other hand, something else is going on. A Twitter user asked GPT-4 to make a list of 20 jobs that humans could do. The chatbot not only gave the list but also revealed all the human qualities that are necessary to take up these jobs.

ChatGPT snatched job

A survey of 1,000 business leaders found that nearly half of US companies had adopted ChatGPT in their businesses, Resumebuilder reports. Now they are replacing their employees with AI. Not only in the US but across the globe, industry employees are fearing losing their jobs due to ChatGPT.

20 jobs that GPT-4 can replace

Twitter user Prashant Rangaswamy asked GPT-4 to name 20 jobs that GPT-4 can handle. Here is a list of 20 jobs that GPT-4 revealed that it has the potential to replace humans with. GPT 4 has also told with which skills it can replace humans.

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  1. data entry clerk
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. proofreader
  4. book keeper
  5. bookkeeper
  6. translator
  7. copywriter
  8. market research analyst
  9. social media manager
  10. appointment scheduler
  11. telemarketer
  12. virtual assistant
  13. transcriptionist
  14. news reporter
  15. travel agent
  16. Tutor
  17. technical support analyst
  18. email marketer
  19. recruiter
  20. content moderator

Note : AI is developed to assist humans. So it is better to use AI by canceling the fear of AI replacing humans. It would be better if you dominate AI before AI dominates you.

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