Trending News: Archana Puran Singh told Satish Kaushik her ‘old lover’, the director gave a flying kiss on the show

The tickle-tickling and rib-tickling comic show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is eagerly awaited every weekend. Every time some new guest comes in this and their legs are fiercely pulled in the show. Many stories and stories are also heard. The same happened this time too. When veteran directors of Hindi film world Anees Bazmee, Satish Kaushik and Indra Kumar came on stage. Kapil Sharma and Kiku Sharda had a lot of fun with them. Archana Puran Singh also made a shocking revelation, hearing which tears welled up in everyone’s eyes and ears perked up.

In fact, in the ongoing promo of The Kapil Sharma Show comedians welcome Satish Kaushik, Indra Kumar and Anees Bazmee. After this, Satish Kaushik did not go as many times as the guests went to meet Archana Puran Singh. But Archana specially came to meet him on stage. When Kapil asks the reason, Archana reveals that Satish is her ‘old lover’.

Satish Kaushik and Archana Puran Singh’s fun

After this, Satish Kaushik gives a flying kiss to Archana Puran Singh, after which she blushes and reminds of Miss Briganza. After this both laugh remembering their old days in cinema. Archana tells that she and Indra were having fun on the sets of the film, then Satish asks did you both have fun? So Indra says yes we have enjoyed. Then Satish says, Kapil ji now you see, Archana and Indra used to have fun but I was held responsible.

Anees Bazmee said a big thing on the retake of actors

Further in the promo, Kapil asked the directors, ‘You are all directors, is there any actor who does one retake, two retakes and later regains consciousness and then takes 15-20 retakes? Anees Bazmee says, ‘There are many actors who don’t know how to act but still they are known as actors.’ Everyone stops laughing after hearing this.

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