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Alicia Silverstone is an American actress daughter of Monty Silverstone and Didi Silverstone. She first gained attention in the music video for Aerosmith’s Cryin’ “Crazy” and starred in several Hollywood films. He is also noted for his strong views on animal welfare and is a committed vegetarian. In 2004, Silverstone was voted Sexiest Vegetarian Woman. Alicia Silverstone has continued to make a wide range of film and television appearances, primarily in comedy and action roles. More recently, he has expanded his repertoire by working as a film and television producer.

Silverstone reportedly refused to appear nude in any of her films. Because of this, for the nude scene, he needs a body double in his place. When she starred in the stage version of The Graduate, she insisted on wearing underwear for the famous nude scene. The makers were forced to let her do so as she would have left the show otherwise.

early life

Silverstone was born in San Francisco, California, to English-Jewish parents Monty Silverstone, a real estate investor, and Didi Radford, a Scottish-born former flight attendant. She grew up in Hillsboro, California. Alicia is the youngest of Monty and Didi’s three children, but she also has a half-sister, Kazee Silverstone, a rock singer in London from Monty’s previous marriage, and a half-brother, David Silverstone. When Alicia was six, Monty took some pictures of his young daughter. Her pictures got her a few modeling jobs which later got her TV commercials (the first one was for Domino’s Pizza).

Alicia later attended San Mateo High School in San Mateo, California, where she was a cheerleader. During this time, she took some early modeling and advertising jobs and eventually landed the role of ‘Dream Girl’ on the American television series The Wonder Years. She played a leading role in the 1993 film The Crush, playing a girl who sets out to ruin an older man after her teenage crush rejects her, for which she starred in the 1994 MTV Movie Won two awards at the Awards.


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She starred in three Aerosmith music videos, titled Cryin’, Crazy and Amazing, which were huge successes for both the band and Silverstone, making her a household name. After she turned it down, the role went to Tiffani Thiessen.

After Clueless became a sleeper hit and critical favorite during the summer of 1995, Silverstone was hailed as a woman of the time and a mouthpiece for an emerging younger generation. As a result, she was able to sign a $10 million contract with Columbia-TriStar.

The first film released by “First Kiss Productions” was a 1997 black comedy called Access Baggage. Excess Baggage, a film in which Silverstone played a chain-smoking, underage drinking rich boy who fakes his own kidnapping to get his father’s attention, received critical acclaim or commercials like Clueless was not formally accepted. Silverstone was also criticized (notably by E!) for having obtained such a lucrative production deal so early in its career. Excess Baggage was such a disappointment that, after only one film, Columbia-TriStar quietly terminated their production contract with Silverstone.


Around the time she appeared as Batgirl in Batman & Robin, Silverstone was criticized by the tabloids and mainstream press for gaining weight. Although hardly obese by any standard, Silverstone had apparently put on more weight than the public was used to seeing around her, and this started a whirlwind of rumors that affected her personal life. . Ironically, she was turned down for the lead role in 1994’s My Father the Hero because the producers said she was too heavy for the role. The role eventually went to Katherine Heigl. It didn’t help Silverstone that Batman & Robin was a huge critical and commercial flop compared to their other 1997 film, Access Baggage.

personal life

Personal life of Alicia Silverstone
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Silverstone married her longtime boyfriend, Christopher Jarecki, lead singer of the band STUN, on June 11, 2005, in a beach ceremony at Lake Tahoe. The couple dated for eight years before getting married, but they parted ways in 2018.

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