Trending News: Actress Mahalakshmi said after four months of marriage, as long as I am alive…

South’s famous actress Mahalakshmi is married to filmmaker Ravindra Chandrasekhar. It has been four months since this marriage. Both are endearing words. They keep showering love on each other every day. Ravindra recently shared Mahalakshmi’s photo and wrote, “My happiness is not because I love you.. It’s purely because you live for me, even if I don’t express it.. Ammu I.” Tried my best to write a good caption for this 100 days post..I could not write dramatic..Writing what I felt..

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Ammu..37 years later..I am living every second of 100 days happily..Keep me going with more love,care,fun,fight. Whereas Mahalakshmi shared a photo with Virendra and wrote, Life is beautiful and you too. In another post, Ravindra wrote, ‘My wife is the eighth wonder of my life.’ Lets say I am nothing without you.. You are my everything.

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Please tell that both took seven rounds in the presence of family members and close friends. This is the second marriage of the actress, she also has a son from the first marriage. Both did not work, after which both of them separated and the actress has now remarried.

According to media reports, both of them met during ‘Vidyum Varai Kathiru’. From here the closeness of both increased. Sharing the pictures of the wedding, the actress wrote on Instagram, ‘I consider myself lucky that you are in my life. You filled my life with your love. Love you Ammu.

Please tell that Mahalakshmi has appeared in serials like ‘Vani Rani’, ‘Chellamay’, ‘Office’, ‘Arasi’, ‘Thiru Mangalam’, ‘Yamirukka Baymen’ and Keladi Kanmani. At the same time, Ravindra Chandrasekhar has produced films like ‘Nalanam Nandiniyam’, ‘Sutta Kadahi’, ‘Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma’ and ‘Murungkai Chips’.

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