7th Pay Commission Government Employees Minimum Salary Likely To Be Raised After Budget 2023 Reports

7th Pay Commission: The budget will be presented on the coming February 1, 2023. In front of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, there will be a burden of expectations and aspirations of the general public of the country, from financial institutions, employees and housewives and students to senior citizens. How much relief the Finance Minister is able to give to the public on the tax front, it will be known only on the day of the budget, but such a news has come for the government employees, if it turns out to be true, then their Holi this time will be very happy.

Expectations of change in fitment factor

If different media reports going on in the country are to be believed, then these expectations have become very strong that the government can increase it by changing the fitment factor of central employees in this budget. If this happens, then there can be a direct increase of 8000 rupees in the salary of government employees. Government employees have been hoping for a long time to increase the fitment factor. If the fitment factor is increased, then on the basis of this, the minimum salary of government employees which starts from Rs 18,000 will increase to Rs 26,000. This clearly means that there is a direct increase of 8000 rupees in the salary.

What is the rate of fitment factor at present

The rate of existing fitment factor, which is currently at 2.57 percent, will increase to 3.68 percent, which will increase the basic salary of the employees. Suppose the basic salary of an employee is Rs 15,500, then according to 4200 grade pay, his total salary will be 15,500×2.57 or a total of Rs 39,835.

Dearness Allowance has recently increased

Recently, the dearness allowance of the central employees has increased and after this, an increase in the dearness allowance of the state government employees has also been seen in many states of the country. However, due to the increase in the fitment factor, the employees are expected to get more benefits.

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